Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dipping a toe or Diving in?

We worship God with all we have. It's more than just clapping our hands or singing songs; it's celebratory, it's reverant. Dr. David Jeremiah says this:
"God is to be praised, blessed, gloried in, rejoiced in, exalted, feared, extolled, and thanked. We worship God with all that we have."
We have an opportunity to come into the very presence of God, to be changed from the inside out. There will never be a Sunday when every person loves every song that is played or connects deeply with everything that Pastor Steve says, but the responsibility is not on musicians or Pastors to connect us with God, it is on us! We are the ones who make a decision about what our attitudes will be like when we come into that building.

I've been reading Dr. Jeremiah's book, "My Heart's Desire" and am blown away but what he has to say on this subject.

"If you're going swimming, you don't stand forever beside the pool davving a toe into the cool water. Ultimately the time comes to let go and dive in. There's no way to swim without using your whole body, unless you want to sink and drown... Worship takes the same kind of spiritual commitment. Don't sit on the back pew, dabbing a toe into the deep spiritual waters. Dive into the wonder of the presence of God."
Let's all stop testing the waters. Let's dive in as a church family. Let's see what God can do in and through a family of believers who worship Him.

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