Saturday, January 13, 2007

Preparing to Worship

Depending on how our day is going or how the week went – or when we last read God’s word or prayed – these things matter when it comes to worship. God is ready for me to worship Him at any moment and has gone to great lengths to make that so. But then there’s me. I am not always thinking about Him. Opportunities to worship pass me by. Moments when however led, I would give Him glory. I wish I was more prepared for worship each day. And more than that, I wish my church was more prepared for worship when we gather together on Sundays especially. Imagine if we all came together prepared to worship. It would be better than spending half the time breaking down distractions and getting focused in each of our hearts only to find that we have just a little time left to be together, with God front and center, giving Him all the glory we can give.

Now for me, I do better preparing on Sunday morning, probably ‘cause I know I need to go first to the throne of God as the lead worshipper. (Let’s face it, accountability works). But, I need to be more prepared during the week. What about you? Maybe you are better during the week, but rely on the church to do it for you on Sunday. I’ll tell you what…I’ll seek to do better preparing for worship during the week and you seek to do better preparing for worship on Sunday, and let’s see what happens. Deal?

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